Why We Listen Podcast 05 – Paul Festa

Paul Festa is my guest for the fifth episode of Why We Listen.

We listen to and discuss:

Olivier Messiaen – Regard du Père (Louise Bessette)
Olivier Messiaen – L’échange (Yvonne Loriod)
Olivier Messiaen – Par Lui tout a été fait (Roger Muraro)

Paul Festa is the filmmaker behind Apparition of the Eternal Church (2006), an investigation into the act of listening to music and The Glitter Emergency (2010), a silent-film drag ballet comedy. He produced, wrote and edited, with director Austin Forbord, and was chief archivist, for the documentary Stage Left, A Story of Theater in San Francisco (2010). He is the author of OH MY GOD: Messiaen in the Ear of the Unbeliever, and his essays appear in numerous publications and anthologies. His documentary in progress, Tie It Into My Hand, premieres as a short at Cannes in May 2012.


Listen to the podcast on the player below, or download HERE.

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Thanks for listening.

[audio http://www.whywelisten.marckate.com/Assets/audio/05-Paul_Festa.mp3]

~ by marckate on April 5, 2012.

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