Why We Listen 17 – Nina Katchadourian

WWL17smNina Katchadourian is my guest for the 17th episode of Why We Listen.

We listen to and discuss:

Margareta Kjellberg – ‘Svansen på Skansen—Chimpansen’
Play Away – ‘Come to the Shops’
Marais and Miranda – ‘How Does a Frog Become a Frog’

Nina Katchadourian is an artist from Brooklyn.


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Thanks for listening.


1. Frankie Rose – Interstellar



~ by marckate on March 13, 2013.

One Response to “Why We Listen 17 – Nina Katchadourian”

  1. This episode was a total treat, thank you! I was completely blown away by the idea that the ice cream trucks had all those other possible songs…made me wonder if the truck drivers really did have a choice. Perhaps there’s some sort of brand enforcer who spot checks them or coerces children to become informers on those who deviate. What would you do for a lifetime supply of ice cream?

    How Does a Frog Become a Frog is actually a really deep question, as well as being a gas of a song. I hope Marais and Miranda played that one on Bogart’s yacht.

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