Why We Listen Podcast 01 – Keith Hennessy

I’m very excited to be launching this new project.

As an extension of my blog Why We Listen, I will be conducting a series of interviews about music. Specifically, interviewing people about their listening practices and the music they love.

For this first interview, I visited my friend Keith Hennessy at his home and ate vegan tamales before launching iTunes through an improvised soundsystem.

Keith and I listen to and discuss:
Au Pairs – America
Marianne Faithful – Working Class Hero
Circo Zero (sung by Gabriel Todd & Loren Olds) – Lord (traditional)

Keith Hennessy works in and around performance, playing with tactics that include risk, ritual, queer, and improvisation.

For more information about this podcast, please visit the About Why We Listen link to the right.

To listen to the podcast, use the player below, or download the file HERE.

Thanks for listening.


~ by marckate on February 22, 2012.

One Response to “Why We Listen Podcast 01 – Keith Hennessy”

  1. fun eavesdropping on this conversation!

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